The Benefits of Using a Standards-Based Gradebook

02 Jan

Gradebooks are vital in showing a student's performance on assignments over time.  Traditional gradebooks indicate student performance on tasks and teachers can conclude from the information contained therein about the strengths and weaknesses of a student by looking at the overall performance for particular assessments or grading periods.  However, standards-based gradebooks are better at providing a more holistic approach to help instructors understand the strengths and weaknesses of a student better.  Various advantages can be derived from the use of standards-based gradebooks.   Among the benefits that can be achieved by the use of standards-based gradebooks are those given below.

Teachers can use the tagging of assignments with standards every time they assign work to students.  This way, every task that a student does is important, and the results of such an assignment are graded and can be tracked in the standards-based gradebook.   When this is done, a teacher can track the performance of a student on each assignment which would not have been possible with a traditional gradebook which only gives the teacher information on the student performance based on the average grade during or grading period.   It is thus possible for a teacher to understand better the strengths and weaknesses of a student when they can observe how they perform on different individual assignments.  With such an understanding, it is easier for the teacher to help the students because they can understand their area of weakness and can also encourage them in their area of strength.  It is thus possible for students to grow better with the increased level of attention by teachers in their area of weakness.  Teachers can also provide advice on the areas where a student can pursue their higher levels of education based on their area of strength. Get more info by clicking here!

Standards-based gradebooks allow teachers and easy way of finding out the performance of the students.   Teachers can have the information they need in a digital platform built for standards where they can view the student progress. The digital format allows teachers to have an easy way of accessing the needed information since it allows them convenience and they can view the needed information from any place and at any time. Be sure to view here for more details.    

It is also made easy for the teachers to analyze the information by offering an easy-to-read display of the performance of their students in specific areas, thus understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their students.   It is also possible for an instructor to track a particular standard, find out its frequency of use, and determine how a student performed each time a particular standard was used.   A teacher can thus track their students' performance as well as the measures organists which their performances determined and take necessary action. Want to know more about grading you may visit this website

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