Online Standards Based Gradebook Guide

02 Jan

Conventional gradebooks are fashioned to show each student performance as per their assignment assessments. The data fed into the book enables tutors and learners to keep a record of their performance and this makes it easy to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. However, it is not easy to know the specific strengths or weakness in the skills of a student using the conventional method. The traditional method makes it hard for students who suffered during the exam period to be assessed correctly. This is why the majority of K-12 schools have implemented the online standards based gradebook system.

Combining assignments and standards

Some tutors often attach standards to their learning materials such as lessons and skill guides to their learners. Thus, the learning progress of a learner gets recorded in the gradebook. When the student finishes a given topic or learning activity, they undergo assessment and an automatic grading occurs. Be sure to click here to discover more now!

The standard-based method of learning is crucial in helping a student have their record well-kept. For instance, the student does not have to answer questions under pressure but instead, they can learn adequately and the assessment is part of the learning process. Consider an annual examination for instance- if a student misses due to illnesses or other compelling factors, he's considered a failure, which is wrong. Constant assessment through the standards gradebook is far more accurate a way of recording a student's learning than the traditional way. Be sure to click here for more ideas and info!

The student's understanding record

After the activities are tagged with the standards, and then have been finalized by the students, then it is possible for the teachers to access the information on the digital gradebook. The standards that are measured will appear in a logical way on the book and the teachers can always boil down their interest in specific standards. Such information is logically arranged, and the teacher can view how many times the standard was measured and the performance of the student in each of those times. Thus, although the online standards gradebook system is done remotely, it is still effective.

Analysis of the learner's performance

Understanding a student's academic improvement is easy to analyze as long as there have been numerous assessments or standard-based examinations. This is an important part of learning as it helps teachers to understand their students and get to know what their weaknesses and strengths are. This allows the determination of strengths, which offers the teachers an opportunity to act in the deficit learning gaps. In brief, such kind of dichotomy is essential in giving tutors a hint on topics or standards that they need to elaborate for their students to understand fully. In the end, the online standards based gradebook is an efficient track of learning activities. Learn more about grading in this website

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